iphone5s-selection-hero-2013Better equipment, gives you more options, but does not make you a better shooter. The heart of it is your imagination – imagining what might look good in the frame. So, even with their limitations, a lot of great photos are being taken these days on mobile devices. I end up taking a lot of photos with my iPhone just because it is my omnipresent mobile electronic appendage. I also use it as a challenge – what I can do with the iPhone that is interesting?  I have an iPhone 5s and generally do post-processing on the iPhone with Google/Nik Software’s absolutely fabulous Snapspeed.

I have also been experimenting a bit with Instagram.  The square format reminds me of the Hasselblats that I coveted back in the day.  The square format is a different compositional challenge from the rectangles we are all shoot in most cameras, and who doesn’t love a challenge!  I’ve created separate galleries for my Phone photos: