I was home in El Cajon, California visiting my father.  We drove by Ballentine Elementary School where, in a summer school class, I first picked up and shot a camera.  I don’t remember what type of camera but I do remember what a fun summer I had with a creative teacher who enthralled us with the joy of creating a composition in the view finder and then capturing it.

I set aside photography (and music) for more serious stuff, like building a career, when I went to graduate school.  I don’t mean that as a regret.  Focusing on school and career were the right things to do at the time.  I went places that inspired me; I met people I treasure.

It has been great to get back into photography (and music! – www.midnightmo.com and www.oldsoul.us).  It has been the rediscovery of a youthful excitement.  It has also been a whole new learning experience since the photographic world moved on from film to this digital revolution – trading Dektol developer for Digital workflow.  This site is about discovery and rediscovery – and, I thought, a nice place to show off some photos too!

I also have another web photographic project I’m working on:  www.facesofmn.com.  I have been taking photos of people and in most cases telling a bit of the person’s story.  I’d love it if you’d check it out.

I’m having fun and hope you enjoy a little of the world though my lens.

Peter H. Berge
961 Lincoln Ave.
Saint Paul, MN 55105