iPhone as Light Meter

luxi_tp_1024x1024Sometimes I wonder if there is anything an iPhone can’t do!  Now you can make your iPhone into a real live incident light meter with the Luxi.

iPhone Photo Pages

iphone5s-selection-hero-2013The first time I heard of having cameras on a cell phone I thought, “what’s the point?” Obviously, I hadn’t thought that one through!

Of course the great thing about the cell phone camera is it’s always with you.  With a smartphone you have a whole digital darkroom at your fingertips.  So while I can’t get definition, bokeh, dynamic range, image quality in general that I can get with the SLR or the Leica, I can get photos I otherwise wouldn’t just because I nearly always have my “omnipresent mobile electronic appendage” with me.

So the smartphone as camera becomes an interesting challenge.  One can, and many people do, make compelling images with the phone camera.  It is a fun challenge in fact.

As a tribute to that fun challenge, I have have created an Snapspeed photo page (Snapspeed being the post-processing software I use most often). I have started playing around with Instagram an its square format.  You can see my experiments there on the Instagram photo page I created.



Instagram Image

Instagram Image

Kona Twilightzone

Kona Twilightzone

Updated Website

screenshotMy bad, the website has been on the fritz for a bit because I couldn’t get the Photocriati theme to update and it finally got so out of date that it didn’t work with WordPress’ more recent updates.  I futzed with getting Photcriati updated including manually changing permissions where it looked like they were needing change, still didn’t work.  So, I loaded in a new theme that is built for photography and video website – Capture by Slocum Design Studios.

I like it’s nice clean look.  I have been using NextGEN galleries instead of what is built into the theme, but I may try the theme defaults, especially on the Home page,  since they seem to make for a nice full screen photos within in the theme (I kind of like the little clip-in-the-corners idea).

Polaroid GL10

I have a fondness for Polaroid.  I have an old Polaroid 420 and it’s a really fun camera to shoot.

Polaroid has had its troubles moving into the digital age, and ownership by local Twin Cities fraudster Tom Petters.  I had pretty much given them up for lost and then I heard about a small, portable printer they were developing, the GL10.  Small enough to carry with you, battery powered, inkless, and what really caught my eye:  built to print wirelessly from your cell phone via Bluetooth.  It’s nice to show pictures on your iPhone, but to be able to print off a copy and hand it to someone, in the moment, that seemed, well, almost Polaroid.  Lady Gaga endorsing it?  Who cares.  Chase Jarvis endorsing it?  Now that’s news. Read More

My Secret Weapon in the Fjords – Pro HDR

Leica Manufacturing Process

Leica lenses have been the gold standard for photographic excellence for years now.  They are amazing pieces of engineering – so small, so precise, so sharp throughout the entire aperture range.  This video is a nice display of the old-world, hand-crafted detail that goes into each lens:

Leica Lenses (English) from leica camera on Vimeo.

New Website

It was time to switch from iWeb to a more sustainable website platform.  So, I’m now in the process of moving the site over to WordPress.  If anyone has any suggestions for good themes for a photo website, let me know!