iPhone Photo Pages

iphone5s-selection-hero-2013The first time I heard of having cameras on a cell phone I thought, “what’s the point?” Obviously, I hadn’t thought that one through!

Of course the great thing about the cell phone camera is it’s always with you.  With a smartphone you have a whole digital darkroom at your fingertips.  So while I can’t get definition, bokeh, dynamic range, image quality in general that I can get with the SLR or the Leica, I can get photos I otherwise wouldn’t just because I nearly always have my “omnipresent mobile electronic appendage” with me.

So the smartphone as camera becomes an interesting challenge.  One can, and many people do, make compelling images with the phone camera.  It is a fun challenge in fact.

As a tribute to that fun challenge, I have have created an Snapspeed photo page (Snapspeed being the post-processing software I use most often). I have started playing around with Instagram an its square format.  You can see my experiments there on the Instagram photo page I created.

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