My Secret Weapon in the Fjords – Pro HDR

While in Norway I had a chance to go to the Sognefjord, a UNESCO World Heritage site. After being there, I can see why – stunning!

Snow collects on the mountains and then melts over the summer cascading down the sheer sides of the fjord as coutless waterfalls (actually, I think someone has counted them, but I’m not vouching for the number).

Ho-hum, more waterfalls…. 😉

This is the view from the Stalheim Hotel bar. Definitely want to go back and spend some days hiking and biking.

I got a lot of raves about these when I posted them on Facebook, I think, because even though they were just iPhone shots (and an old 3GS at that), they captured something of the depth and richness of the scene. Take a look, for example, at the Stalheim Hotel View shot above – those are wildly different exposures between the dark interior and the bright exterior view out the window. That’s far too much dynamic range even for my Nikon D700. So, how did I do it with an iPhone?

I used a nifty little iPhone photo app called Pro HDR. What it does is takes two photos with different exposures and merges them into one photo picking the best exposed parts of each. Classic HDR, but in a nifty little package for the iPad. I used the Auto HDR mode which has you point the camera at the subject while the app analyzes the scene to determine the exposures and then snaps two photos for the HDR merge. Works pretty darn slickly.

One observation on “My Secret Weapon in the Fjords – Pro HDR
  1. Clarence

    Are you going to be an iPhone rep? My son Sid loves taking pictures with the phone. We got him a camera for Christmas, but I think some of the most amazing photos he’s taken are with my phone, and now his, most of them out of the window of the car. Fun and beautiful art.


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